Strong Supporters
Office of the ATF
John O. Herring
College Park. Ga

Riverdale Library
Vivian Chandler
Atlanta, Ga

Mt. Zion High School
Sandra Lyons
Fayetteville, Ga

Morrow United Methodist Church
Jean Peacock
Morrow, GA

The Praise
James/Linda Green
Conyers, GA

Open Arms Outreach International Inc.

Our Volunteer and Fundraising Committee
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Robbie Bible
President/Program Director
Fayetteville, Ga

Spiritual Support

Bishop/Pastor Choate
Pelham, NH

Prophet F. Vehe
Hartwell, Ga

Vince R. Bible


Fayetteville, GA

Julia B. Robinson, Baker

Swansea, SC

Julia's Cakes


 Volunteer of the Year
Jean Peacock , Researcher
Morrow, Georgia

We welcome dedicated volunteers!